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34th PIANC World Congress 2018 in Panama City

PIANC, the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, and The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) will co-host the 34th PIANC World Congress 2018 in Panama City, Panama, from May 7 to 11. The PIANC Congress will once again present and discuss the most relevant topics to the waterborne transport infrastructure sector.

SECO participates in the presentation of the activities of a new Working Group “Sustainable Inland Waterways – a Guide for Inland Waterway (IW) Managers on Social and Environmental Impacts” (INCOM WG 203).  Two more articles have been accepted for active presentation, with contributions from SECO assignments performed and being performed in South America:

  • “Design of the scour protection layer for a breakwater in an estuarine environment”, an update on the state of the art and the difficulties encountered with the design of natural rock protections;
  • “Mastering Latent Defects in Maritime and Port Engineering through Technical Risk Management”, on the contribution of technical risk management in construction projects in the maritime sector.


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