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80 years of expertise

80 years of service, knowledge sharing and reliability for our partners… any better reason to celebrate?

Our company “made in Belgium”, founded in 1934, celebrated its 80 years of existence on 17 November 2014. We were happy to share this moment with our privileged partners of the construction industry at Flagey with a special guest: arch. Daniel Libeskind!

80 years is a milestone… This celebration was our opportunity to pay tribute to our industry, the companies and the people who take on a challenge every day in order to bring innovative projects into life all over the world. This is why we released our first magazine, “The Belgian Metropolis”, written by a forum for experts, professionals and innovators, passionate about their plans and willing to express their vision. You can read more here

We want to thank all of you for celebrating this milestone with us and for giving us your trust for your project.