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SECO Group

SECO Group operates in the Benelux region, where it was created in 1934 (Brussels) but has grown steadily with offices in Belgium (Head Office), Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, France and Vietnam and assignments on projects worldwide.

SECO Belgium - Head office

Our company SECO was established in 1934, on the initiative of Professor Magnel and François. SECO became the first independent and neutral technical partner of the construction industry, set up to enhance global quality and prevent risks on construction projects. Our main concern was – and still is – to bring you innovative solutions. We have also been the pioneers in the development of European norms and use of materials.


In addition, our 35-year partnership with BCCA, the Belgian Construction Quality Association, has allowed us to play a significant role in the certification processes.


SECO Group has 3 offices in Belgium. The head office is located in Brussels and two satellite offices in Ghent and Namur.

  • Ghent: Kortrijksesteenweg 90, 9830 SINT-MARTENS-LATEM
  • Namur: Chaussée de Liège 624, Orion Business Park building A, 5100 JAMBES


Seco Belgium
Rue d'Arlon 53 Aarlenstraat
B-1040 Brussels
F: +32 (0)2 238 22 61

SECO Luxembourg

For more than 25 years, SECOLUX, as part of the SECO group, has been assisting investors, designers, architects, contractors and operators in advisory tasks, most advanced technical control and inspection services with its 50 local experts. SECOLUX offers its expert services in areas such as structural work, concrete, wood, steel structure, finishing, facades, exterior fittings and technical equipment, by integrating functional, ecological and economic aspects. SECOLUX brings solid expertise and reassuring solutions to all projects and challenges.


SECOLUX’s added value is guaranteed by our engineers’ technical skills. The quality of our experts, graduated from leading universities, where some of them are teaching, allows SECOLUX to manage all assignments, regardless of their complexity, objectively and professionally. We control the quality to meet the standards, and ensure health and safety. We are able to offer simplification solutions to any structure, and especially to promote sustainable construction and budget control.

Seco Luxembourg
Rue de la Poudrerie 1
L-3364 Leudelange
F: +352 46 11 85

SECO Netherlands

SECONED is an independent, professional and objective partner in the construction industry regarding tests, inspections, completion and auditing. SECONED is T.I.S. (Technical Inspection Service) certified and a part of SECO Group, with more than 80 years of experience and 25.000 construction projects successfully supported. SECONED is the ideal partner thanks to our expertise in nearly every area linked to security and safety in your projects. We offer you our support through the whole process, from testing to inspections to guarantee the compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.


Our main concern relates to the communication with our partners. SECONED has excellent credentials and highly skilled employees specialised in every field. Our ethics and team spirit are strong, as well as our impartiality. We offer approval certificates and a thorough process.


SECONED is a trustworthy partner for your project. We test the delivered construction quality and minimise technical risks (failure costs). Our quality insurance brings a unique added value to your projects in the eyes of investors. Visit SECONED's webpage for more info:

Seco Netherlands
Hoge Mosten 6B
4822 NH-Breda, The Netherlands
F: +31 (0)76 560 70 99

SECO Poland

SECO Polska, the Polish branch of SECO, was established in Warsaw in July 2005. Our goal is to deliver technical excellence and to provide technical support to investors and developers. Initially, technical inspection services and advisory services were our main activities in Poland, based on the direct transfer of our know-how from our Brussels Head Office. Over the past twelve years though, SECO Polska's office in Warsaw has expanded thanks to our local engineers who provide their know-how to implemented projects. In addition to technical inspections, SECO Polska also provides a wide range of services to investors and developers, such as:

  • Management of design processes;
  • Management of administrative procedures at the stage of investment preparations;
  • Quality supervision;
  • Investors supervision;
  • Technical due diligence;
  • Multi-branch design reviews.

The range of SECO Polska' services is continuously growing. Our ambition is not only to meet the needs of the market but also to promote innovative solutions, thereby influencing market development.

Seco Polska
ul. Nowogrodzka 10
00-511-Warszawa, Poland
F: +48 22 553 89 09

SECO France

SECO France has been founded in 2003 and is an accredited technical control body by the "Ministère de la Cohésion des Territoires” and the “Ministère de la Transition Ecologique et Solidaire” for A1 and D assignments. SECO’s French subsidiary benefits from the recognition of major insurance and reinsurance companies. Our technical opinion assignments are backed by parallel calculations and regular site visits.


Our operations in France are continuously developing, with important infrastructure and exceptional building projects (as f.i. Lille football stadium or the Canopée in Paris), marine works, tunnels, subway stations and curtain walling. In a few years, our French activities have developed fast in technical control and in external execution design checks support by parallel calculations.


Our French assignments are carried out by our highly qualified SECO engineers in specific domains like bridges, tunnels, stadium, quay wall, subway stations, river dams and buildings.


SECO France can rely on the expertise of its specialized engineers (BAC + 5) and the authority of its Technical Board, composed of University Professors covering a wide range of technical domains.


An active follow-up of your project by SECO’s expert engineers guarantees that your needs in risk management are met whatever the scope of the assignment might be. Be it a risk assessment, design review, technical advisory or technical inspection services in the scope of a decennial or IDI insurance.


Boulevard de la Liberté, 130
59000 Lille, France

SECO International

SECO has historically supported major insurance and reinsurance companies and historical customers, investors, contractors and consulting engineers, in their challenging projects in Eastern Europe first, and at a worldwide level afterwards.


Our international operations are growing on all continents, with expanded infrastructure and building services including marine works, industry and curtain walling. In a few years, our international activities have developed fast, initially in the fields of energy and environment, water management, mobility and transport, and currently in real estate and fabrication control.


Your international assignments are carried out by our highly qualified SECO engineers, in cooperation with a network of partners that help us integrating local specific features. An active follow-up of your project by SECO’s expert engineers of our Head Office guarantees that our standards are met, wherever your project is and whatever the scope of the assignment is. Be it risk assessment, design review, technical advisory or technical inspection services, in the scope of insurance purposes (IDI-inherent defects insurance).


Rue d'Arlon 53 Aarlenstraat
B-1040 Brussels
F: +32 (0)2 238 22 61