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Construction quality management

Certification and Inspection

Construction quality management

Black box calculations, constraints on budgets and timing, increased involvement of subcontractors, need for efficient coordination and communication, increased complexity… These factors are all potential threats to the quality of a project with overspending on average 10 to 15% of the initial budget.


At SECO, we can provide a high level of technical expertise and knowledge of the industry from working with many stakeholders on a variety of projects, starting in the concept phase over design and execution to handover and beyond. Our track record consists in risk normalisation through technical control and knowledge of building products and processes, even qualification of project organisations and people.


  • Product certification
  • Certification of people and processes
  • Quality audit of the design process
  • Support of contractors in establishing quality assurance plans
  • Audit of contractors’ operations
  • Worldwide inspections of manufacturing units
  • Quality audit of subcontractors
  • Setup of risk driven control schemes

BCCA – Belgian Construction Certification Association

As one of the founding partners of BCCA, SECO has been at the forefront of certification since its early days. It actively contributes to the BCCA through its knowledge of building materials and innovative products.
Certification itself allows an independent institution to give guarantees through oversight in a product, a construction system, organisation or individual. Certification is actually the confirmation of the quality in a company or organisation. Some might even say that without quality, certification makes no sense.

The existence of a certification process and the trust it creates facilitate the decisions taken by the assignment of tasks, prescription products in specifications, implementation and monitoring of work. It's like a noble letter to the presentation in the market.

Certification works best when one can determine the criteria for an official manner in which a product, construction system, person or organization must meet. These criteria are established through a consensus within official bodies to which all stakeholders (government, private users, architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, experts, laboratories, ...) participate.

Certification has been more than 35 years presence in society and also gains in construction gradually importance mainly due to the increase in quality awareness of customers, the complexity of the offer and the multiplication of legal regulations.

Certification is also a way to enhance the quality in general, and thereby achieve a more rational management of the organization and better economic results.

BCQS - Belgian Construction Quality Society

BCQS was founded in 1994 by SECO and CSTC-WTCB (scientific and technical competence center for the construction industry in order to inform, train, advise and guide construction companies, architects and engineering consultants in the process of setting up quality management systems (ISO 9001, CoQual), la safety management systems (VCA, BeSaCC, OHSAS) and environmental management systems related (ISO 14001, EMAS).

BCQS also informs, trains and advises manufacturers and/or contractors  when implementing FPC systems (Factory Production Control) in order to allow for CE marking on their products.