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Flagey by Seco Group
Flagey, Brussels
Basiliek Koekelberg by Seco Group
Basiliek Koekelberg, Brussels
Atomium by Seco Group
Atomium, Brussels
Offshore Windmills by Seco Group
Offshore Windmills
Antwerp Law Courts by Seco Group
Antwerp Law Courts, Antwerp
Gare de Liège Guillemins by Seco Group
Gare de Liège Guillemins
Solar Panels by Seco Group
Solar Panels
Mediacité by Seco Group
Mediacité, Liège
Bureau de Police by Seco Group
Bureau De Police, Charleroi
Tour Paradis by Seco Group
Tour Paradis, Liège
Waalse Krook, Ghent by Seco Group
Waalse Krook, Ghent
Docks Bruxsel by Seco Group
Docks Bruxsel
Résidence Palace by Seco Group
Résidence Palace, Brussels
Astro Tower by Seco Group
Astro Tower, Brussels
Sint-pietersstation, Ghent by Seco
Sint-Pietersstation, Ghent

SECO was established in 1934, on the initiative of Professor Magnel, Professor at the Ghent University and Professor François, Professor at the Brussels University. Our company became the first independent and neutral technical partner of the construction industry, the technical platform for the three major professions involved in construction: architects, civil engineers and contractors.

The purpose of our company is to enhance global quality all over the industry through many ways. We prevent risks, especially when it comes to innovative solutions. We have been the pioneers in the safe application of what once were innovative solutions such as prestressed concrete, prefabricated facade elements, insulated window systems… or through our contribution in committees about norms and standards, such as the ones on frost resistance of concrete, on windloads or on fire safety. Our contribution has now been recognised at a European level. 

Our technical inspections also allow to obtain IDI insurance for projects or buildings as we normalise risks linked to the design of the project, the building materials, the construction process and the actual construction itself. Maybe the most outstanding part of our role in quality enhancement has been our contribution for 35 years to the BCCA, the Belgian Construction Quality Association. Certification through BCCA in on the rise in the construction industry, mainly due to the increase in quality awareness of the customers, the complexity of the offer and the multiplication of legal regulations.

In order to play this role, we have gathered a team of highly qualified engineers with outstanding academic credentials, academic Professors and members of committees on standards and codes at European level. Our team is also supported by our Technical Board, a group of highly experienced Professors at the major Universities in Belgium and the Netherlands, specialised in every field of the construction industry.

Over the years, we have supervised over 30,000 projects, and have become the trustworthy partner of both public administrations and the private sector, in particular investors, contractors, designers, consultants and also users.

Our activities have spread quickly across the borders of Belgium, and that is why we set up several branches and subsidiaries in Europe: Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and France.

We now undertake a growing number of projects all over the world. Our specialised engineers are currently contributing to the successful building of a LNG terminal in Uruguay, port infrastructure in Togo, high-rise buildings in West-Africa, windfarms in different parts of the world… and those are just a small part of a few remarkable projects out of our current portfolio.

Over the last few years, we have extended our range of services to buildings “in use”, offering support to the technical teams of owners, tenants, facility and property managers alike. Our new services include commissioning, support of maintenance operations, optimisation of comfort and energy consumption as well as technical due diligence.