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Ivoz Ramet

On September 9, the new lock Ivoz-Ramet, situated at Flémalle, has been inaugurated. Its capacity is 9.000 tons, 7.000 tons more than the existing lock that is under renovation.

With this new lock, that has required 4 years of construction, the filling time of the lock chamber will be reduced to 7 minutes, which means a considerable gain in transit time for the boats. The aim of this investment of 80 million Euro is to increase the attractivenes of transport over water. This clearly is a priority for the « Region wallonne ».

This project is part of a general capacity increase of the locks on the river Meuse (midstream).  The lock at Lanaye reaches its final stage of construction and the studies for the lock at Ampsin are ongoing.

A lock always entails impressive figures: 225 meters long, 25 meters wide and allowing the transit of the equivalent of 450 trucks of 20 tonnes at each cycle.

Once at full capacity, the new lock will allow to shift the equivalent of 36.000 trucks of 20 tons from the road network to the waterways.

Two winners: our environment and our mobility!

Technical inspection of both the lock Ivoz-Ramet and the lock at Lanaye was carried out by SECO! Read more about our assignment on the project sheets.


Ivoz Ramet
Ivoz Ramet