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Jacques Verdeyen Soil Mechanics Prize Period 2014-2018

Mrs Jacques Verdeyen, the donor, has entrusted SECO with the awarding of the prize. The Technical Board of SECO examines the submitted theses and selects the winner of the prize. The Technical Board of SECO may ask the candidate for complementary explanations regarding the submitted research work by post or by e-mail.

The goal of the prize is to promote scientific research in soil mechanics by encouraging researchers in this field. The 7,500 Euro prize is awarded to the author of a doctoral thesis. The prize is awarded every four years to a researcher of Belgian nationality for the 2014-2018 period. Doctoral theses submitted towards the prize must be drafted in Dutch, French, German or English. The doctoral theses submitted towards the prize must address soil mechanics issues and must be original and innovative. They must have practical applications in the area of SECO’s activities.

The thesis should be submitted before November 01st 2018 to SECO, rue d’Arlon 53, 1040 Brussels, Belgium, in 2 printed and signed copies containing the full name, residence, e-mail address, certificate of nationality (copy of ID card), and the place and date of birth of the author, as well as his/her titles and positions and a brief curriculum vitae. The digital version of the thesis, the CV and the accompanying note should be sent in PDF format to the following e-mail address:.


Please find enclosed more details on the prize in English, French and Dutch.