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Our philosophy

Our philosophy

"Confidence and certainty in an innovative world"


SECO Group brings all of our teams together, focused on maximising your profitability, enhancing quality levels and guaranteeing safety in the construction industry, based on our expertise in all technical fields, acquired thanks to our excellent relationships with our partners, our academic and societal credentials and our teamwork, aimed at designing the tailor-made solutions that fit your needs.



No business is worth losing our ethics: Our concern for the well-being of our staff and clients remains the focus of our corporate culture. Our business is built on respect!


We foster our know-how: SECO is a group of highly qualified engineers and professionals, who thrive on the challenges of innovative projects. We share our technical know-how within our company, through regular training sessions led by our Knowledge Management Team, but also with our partners outside our company, through our technical seminars and daily interaction on your projects.


As a third party, we remain impartial: SECO is a totally independent company. We provide unbiased technical advice and our assessment is always based on objective observations. Our Technical Board, that consists of University Professors, is the guarantee of our technical expertise and neutrality.


Team spirit is key: Our engineers are specialised in a broad range of fields. Through teamwork, we make sure that your team can rely on the global view of a multidisciplinary team for the benefit of your project.