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Magnel & Verdeyen Awards

Awards Gustave Magnel and Jacques Verdeyen 2010-2014

On June the 4th representatives from the construction and academic world have gathered in Brussels for the Gustave Magnel and Jacques Verdeyen Awards. The laureates have been honoured by Frank Goes, Chairman of SECO during the award ceremony at the Stanhope Hotel.

The “Award Gustave Magnel 2010-2014” was handed over to prof. dr. ir. Robby Caspeele for his PHD thesis “Probabilistic Evaluation of Conformity Control and the Use of Bayesian Updating Techniques in the Framework of Safety Analyses of Concrete Structures”.

Dr. ir. Valérie Whenham received the “International Award Jacques Verdeyen 2010-2014 for her  PHD thesis “Power Transfer and Vibrator-Pile-Soil interactions within the framework of vibratory pile driving”.

Prof. dr. ir. John Vantomme, Chairman of the Technical Board of SECO, congratulated the laureates for the exceptional scientific level of their  projects.

During the presentation of their findings, both researchers have demonstrated the practical applicability of their new insights for the construction industry.

SECO has the privilege to add the names of two young dynamic scientists to the list of winners of the prestigious Awards Gustave Magnel and Jacques Verdeyen!

Award Gustave Magnel

The four yearly Award Gustave Magnel saw the daylight in 1963 as SECO wanted  to bring tribute to one of our eminent founders, the late Prof. Gustave Magnel. With this award SECO intends to encourage young, ambitious engineers to innovative scientific research.

The Traditional Award Gustave Magnel 2010-2014 targets researchers that have obtained a PHD at a European university in the field of construction during the last four years. SECO was delighted with the high number of excellent applications from many national and international candidates.

Prof. dr. ir. Robby Caspeele, laureate of the  Traditional Award 2010-2014, is connected to the Ghent university (UGent). He participates in several national, European and international working groups and committees. His research contributed to reviewing of several international norms (EN 206-1, EN 13791, ISO 2394).
His research relates to the structural analyis of concrete and steel structures, structural risk assessments, conformity assessments and audit of existing structures. His thesis deals with the influence of quality control and inspections on safety levels of concrete structures.

Award Jacques Verdeyen

The Award Jacques Verdeyen was created in 1974 by the wife of the late professor Jacques Verdeyen, former member of the Technical Board of SECO. The award is specifically aimed at researchers in the field of soil dynamics.

Dr. ir. Valérie Whenham is the laureate of the International Award Jacques Verdeyen 2010-2014. She joins the last laureate Mattias Schevenels (Award 2006-2010) in the select range of winners that includes prof. dr. ir. Alain Holeyman and prof. em. Jean-Claude Verbrugge.

The laureate graduated from the UCL in 2011 and has been working at the BBRI during several years before joining Fugro Geoconsulting, where she is active as a senior engineer.

Her thesis increases the understanding of the interaction between the various parameters that influence pile driving operations, in order to enhance the quality of predictions when applying this technology.

Her study starts with the analysis of literature in order to map the “state of the art” in the matter. The results of former real scale tests have been collected and analysed to detect shortcomings in assumptions that form the basis of existing prediction models. As a result a new test campaign was launched in Limelette in 2007. These extensive test results have been used to evaluate the existing prediction models. Suggestions for improvement have been defined and a FEM program has been developed to come to a more realistic image on the interaction between vibratory unit, pile and soil during operation.

Prix Magnel/Verdeyen
Prix Magnel/Verdeyen
Prix Magnel/Verdeyen
Prix Magnel/Verdeyen
Prix Magnel/Verdeyen
Prix Magnel/Verdeyen
Prix Magnel/Verdeyen
Prix Magnel/Verdeyen