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SECO's new services

We have been “living” the construction industry for 80 years, through the projects of our stakeholders in infrastructure and real estate. As an independent third party, we have been reviewing designs and carrying out technical inspections. 

But the world is constantly evolving, with new challenges such as the increasing complexity in buildings, changing construction processes, new technologies and product innovation, new responsibilities of construction parties…

Our partners are now facing new challenges that have an impact on the construction process, but also on the life cycle of the building or construction. In order to provide the support that they need, and based on our know-how in the field and on our expert reviews, we have extended our services to the post-construction phase through five services:

  • Commissioning
  • Comfort
  • Energy performance
  • Maintenance programs
  • Sustainability

With these services, we want to contribute to durable projects that also provide the living and working comfort, the ease of operating and the energy performance they are expected to deliver.

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Seco New Services
Seco New Services