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Technical inspection and advisory services for civil works

Marine Works

Technical inspection and advisory services for civil works

The world is developing and changing rapidly with new requirements in the fields of connectivity, environmental protection and energy consumption and generation. More performing and sometimes new types of infrastructure projects are launched such as offshore wind farms and Innovative projects for (inter)tidal energy generation.  At the same time new types of partnerships such as PPP structures take shape involving more parties and adding to the complexity of construction projects. DBFM setups make contractors enter into maintenance schemes. Construction continues challenging its stakeholders.


We understand and share these challenges for large infrastructure projects and the impact of technical choices on quality, budget and planning. Since 80 years our team supports public and private clients (including global reinsurance companies) and their partnerships in their innovative projects in civil works. Our expertise and independency have made us a trusted partner for their projects worldwide. We have been at the forefront to support and secure innovative ideas such as offshore wind farms, development of brownfields, containment of waste dumps…
Not surprising. We cover a wide range of technical fields in civil works:
  • Structural engineering (general structure)
  • Soil dynamics
  • Seismic engineering
  • Electromechanical equipment
  • Steel constructions
  • Safety coordination
  • Fire safety


  • Risk assessment
  • Design review
  • Bid support
  • Quick scan
  • Technical inspection (design and execution) – IDI
  • Technical inspection (design and execution)
  • Technical advisory
  • Technical audit subcontractors
  • Project management support
  • Value engineering
  • Post-event structural safety
  • Maintenance management
  • Life cycle analysis